Which place in Rubacava suits you?

1) Firstly, how much money can you spend in one night without getting into financial trouble?
That depends, but it's usually enough to get me what I want
Money? I don't need money to enjoy myself
There's no limit and nothing's too good for me
Not much, but that's nothing new

2) How do you dress when you go out?
I put on my best suit -- otherwise they wouldn't let me in!
Nice and classy, but not too posh
Black and gloomy to reflect the suffering we live in
I wear whatever I want

3) What do you look for in a good night's fun?
A little drinks, a little gambling and some good music
Lots of cheap booze and friends to talk with
Poetry, intellectual company and politics
The best wine, the best food and the best company. Gambling wouldn't hurt either

4) Should you carry a gun for protection?
I doubt it. The owner doesn't appreciate trouble so I'm pretty safe
Heaven's no. I'm among kindred spirits and violence is not something in our mind
It wouldn't hurt. Someone in my position is always in danger. And my hired goons can't help me every time
The area can get dangerous, but my fists are usually enough to keep attackers away

5) What are the people you hang around with like?
Colourful -- both body and personality