So, what is this site about? In the case you don't know it, Nick and Olivia are characters in a fantastic PC game called Grim Fandango. I love every element in it, but the relationship between these two is especially close to my heart. In this section I will introduce the characters and their situation. No serious spoilers, though.

Nick Virago

Nick is a lawyer, and a very corrupted one as well. A snake, like he is described in the game. He works for the gambling crime lord Maximino who rules the business in Rubacava. Nick is Maximino's private lawyer and doesn't really work for anyone else -- unless he has excellent reasons. Nick has no morals whatsoever and is willing to do anything to get what he wants. He is voiced by Daragh O'Malley.

Olivia Ofrenda

A poet who owns a beatnik club is definitely an interesting character. Many have described Olivia as intriguing and liked her -- at least until certain events. She is officially Maximino's girlfriend, but is cheating on him with Nick. From her behaviour it's easy to deduct that she loves neither men; her true love is money and power. As Manny said, she has a very bad taste of men. Paula Killen was excellent in this role.


I personally love Nick and Olivia, even if they are evil, corrupted and twisted, and caused me much grief in the game. Maybe that is why I find them so interesting. Or maybe it's the very small possibility that there was something more than lust between them. I don't know.

The situation and events that took place are most interesting. As everyone knows, it's not safe to deceive a crime lord. Maximino loved Olivia with passion and would not have been happy to see her with anyone else. But this was more than a love triangle; there was a fourth player involved as well. Lola, a very sweet and innocent girl had fallen for Max' and was determined to show him the truth about Olivia. The tension between the characters was definite, and eventually the situation led to a murder. I'm not going to tell more though, you have to play the game to find out! ;)